Tuesday, March 1, 2011

may dreams COME true..;)

heyyheyy!! ;)

first post of the day..(and might be one n all for today..;p) i'd like to share with anyone who ACCIDENTLY read my blog here today, my DREAMS which i always hoping to be realized one day..however..i pon x sure whether i hve d gut o not to pursue any of my dreams here..sbb ape yg i ade skunk sgt la berbeza dgn ape yg i impikan..ngee..well..as people said..life isnt always goes in the way that we wish for..to those yg mmg dpt life as they wished, mmg beruntung n supposed to be damn grateful laa kan..;)

surely ramai yg bakal tersenyum o tersengih kambing after knowing my dreams neyh..tpi..i believe tht everyone have their own dreams too rite..? n everyone have their right to put their dream as a vision or stay leave as a dream..as u wish peeps!! ;)

then..this is my first ultimate dream:

1. to be a great FASHION DESIGNER!! n own my very exclusive atelier or fashion house..ouuwwhh..this is my dream over everything..seriously..i love fashion..i love cloth..designed dress..fabric and glamorous!! i love almost everything related to the industry..from the materials to the models..ouuwwhh..i sgt passionate bler sebut psal model okayh..n most important thing..I LOVE DESIGNERSS!! i mmg slalu berangan nk ade label sendiri and produce my own garments..

my very inspiring top designer is no one else but GIANNI VERSACE!!

Gianni Versace

logo Versace

ouuwwhh..i adore Versace so much..his creations r phenomenal, n i believe that im not the only person tht very passionate about him..too bad tht he end up his life too early n tragically..;( n other fashion designers tht i adore much of course from my own country..many of them..RIZALMAN IBRAHIM, DATO' BERNARD CHANDRAN, RIZMAN RUZAINI n DATO' JIMMY CHOO..they're also phenomenal!! some hve succeed internationally..urrmm..but, i determined tht im lack of one important thing that all the fashion designer should have..which i prefer not to state here..;) urrrmm..xtaw la impian neyh akan terus terkubur sbgai impian o will realized some day..

                                                                      Rizalman Ibrahim

Dato' Bernard Chandran

                                                                     Dato' Jimmy Choo

Rizman Ruzaini

2. to open my own exclusive n exquisite RESTAURANT..ngee..;p sgt berbeza dgn my dream yg kat atas kan..taaapiii..i'd like to fuse these both into one great n creative combination..my dream is actually to open up a BOUTIQUE RESTAURANT..;) fusion of two different types of art..fashion..and food..GREAT ISNT IT?? ;) name pon i da ade..ngee..mmg sronok berangan kan..;) I LOVE fashion as mush as i love food..so..i think this dream is kinda achievable jgk laa..i just kene ade modal n good marketing strategy kan..;p teringin sgt nk bkak restoran mcm tuh..a restaurant loaded with fabulousity n uniqueness..;) INSYAALLAH..i'll try one day to make this dream reality..;)

fabulous kan..?? ;p

3. to be a SUPERMODEL!! huhuhu..kan da ckp..ade yg tersenyum..ntah2 ade yg tergelak guling2 kan..;p yupp..i always dreamt to be one great male model one day..I NK BWAT FASHION WALK..NK BWAT MAG PHOTOSHOOT..huhuhu..quite big huh..?? tpi..i btol2 nak sgt..for now mmg x sesuai laa..dgn flabby body here and there..but one day..who knows..?? i love watching NOAH MILLS doing his runway walk..and his advert photo for the DnG ad campaign was phenomenal..;) ngee..;p teringin gler nk pakai gorgeous outfit designed by great fashion designer n work for 'em..;p sronok tgk male model walk atas runway dgn muke arrogant n elegant..;p *okayh..bleyh tros gelak..xkeysah pon..;p*

Noah Mills

DnG campaign featuring Noah Mills

sometimes i keliru antare impian dan minat..tpi yg i fhm..klau nk capai sesuatu impian, kite kene ade minat yg medalam kan..btol x..? ;) mmg la ade some of my dreams neyh mmg mcm xkn tercapai..FOR NOW..but who knows some day kan..bak kate pepatah..tuah ayam nampak di kaki..tuah manusia xde sape pon taw..kan..;)

*those pics are courtesy from GOOGLE..;p

p/s: hujan lebat nyer ptg neyh!! xdpt nk jogging..;(