Monday, February 28, 2011

"kenape x update blog..??"

heyy ya'lls!! 

huhuhu..finally it happen!! i'm finally able to update my dearest blog after quite sometimes..;p n some of my frens repeatedly asked this kind of question..;p 

"Kenape x update blog neyh..?? kate nak update hari2!! cheeyyhh.."

ngee..ya..yaa..i have been nearly 2 and a half months i wasn't ABLE to update my virtual diary id like to state some of the reasons why i couldnt do so..;p

1. my BELOVED INSPIRON 14 GLOSSY RED LAPPY bwat hal!! it cost me EVERYTHING to get my normal lappy lappy wasnt with me all this while actually..but now..everything's fine..n i can sure that i can regularly updating my blog..;)

2. for god sake..I WAS DAMN BUSY lately..i mean..entering new year of 2011, and new semester of my degree study made me crazee with assignments, activities, and some unfortunate events..;( 

3. of coz..XDE MOOD AND IDEAS la kaan..especially bler LAPPY BWAT o even blogwalking pon da x selera..;(

but with the 'new' lappy n new spirit..i can again assure that i'll update my blog regularly after this..kadang2 jeles jgk tgk kwn2 yg ade blog bleyh update blog slalu..even twice a day!! huhuhu..tabik spring laa..mne ntah dorg dpt mase nk ngadap lappy..urrmm..great guys..;)

n last weekends, which on SATURDAY, i went to AMY'S fren wedding..kt KULAI..sgt besh..mmg i teringin n mengidam nk makan nasi minyak n lauk kenduri kawen nk pgi..;p we olls pegi dgn our classmate, SARA n WANIE. Only 4 of us..riding SARA's car. Yang kawen neyh besh fren amy time die belajar kt POLITEKNIK dlu..n time kt tol kulai, kami gerak same2 dgn 2 of amy's other besh frens, named KEROL n the bride's was a great times with KEROL, LILY and Kerol's DSLR camera..;p that was my third time meeting both of them, but first time get to mingle closely..;)

we arrived at 3.00 pm and left at about 5.00 pm..lame kan!!?? huhuhu..saje lepak lame2..berbaloi skeyt travelled for an hour..n byk godek2 camera kerol n snap pics..;p

tanx to amy for brought me to the wedding..n tanx to the PENGANTIN also..sbb bgi we olls a delicious n nice cupcake each..n the delicious meals..tertunai hasrat nk makan lauk pengantin n nasi minyak..;p 

*byk amek pic arituh..tpi..sume kt tunggu die bgi pics tuh kt amy bru bleyh upload kt sini kayh..INSYAALLAH i'll upload those pics later..;)

p/s: berangan nk bwat wedding reception kt JW MARRIOTT PUTRJAYA..ngee..insyaallah klau ade rezeki nnti..;p