Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sales until pale!!

heyy guyss!!

huhuhu..last monday i went out n met up with my frenz at sunway pyramid. we were having some fun stuff before my beloved bestie AMY going back to perak for his holidays..n we were having window shopping too..n u know what..sales were in each n every retail shops!! ouuwwhh..tempting sgt okayh..i mcm nk pengsan bler COTTON ON sales mcm kt uptown je harge die!! huhuhu..gler laaa..nseb baek i bwak kuar 50 je time tu..

plus..TOPMAN pon i nmpak mcm muraahh jer..huhuhu..mcm mmg sales laa..*ape yg i ckp neyh??* mmg percaye yg MYES mmg da lame mule..n i jer yg agak ketinggalan utk menikmati pesta shopping neyh..ngee..;p so..sesape yg berkepuk wallet tuh..lets spend it wildly ppl!!! hohooho..;p

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