Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FESTKUM 2010..kemuncak tari.

heyy guys!! ;)

it was a fine cloudy day when i faced my beloved glossy red lappy to update my dearly blog..;) it's neither in kedah..nor in parit raja..i'm now in my most trusted shelter..;p 

bru je blek from FESTKUM yg berlangsung @ UUM sintok, Kedah..n last few weeks was full with memories..sweet n bitter ones..but was a great n worthy experience laa..get to know up new frenz..n gain new experiences to add onto the old ones..

n berakhir la kemuncak segale2 nyer bgi penari2 ipta2 all over malaysia..including me n my teammates..from UTHM..seriously..for me, i think FESTKUM which held annually is kinda peak of everything..since it is held on december each can be said as the completion in the dancers' schedule for the entire year..;)

overall..seriously i am so glad for whatever we've already done..i n my 'rampaian asli' team laa..the performance is just enough for me..i'm proud of what we've been thru n what we've presented..including the flaws in the performance..eventho we're not winning the competition..but is not what we're chasing for..between 20 iptas..?? we just hoping to give the best as we could n that was it..winning is a bonus..n i can say..everyone on that nite was giving their best..seriously..non of the ipta gave a so so performance..EVERY teams..trying so hard to participate the best..n that's the spirit tht we nurturing our original culture n arts within people..especially in the youngsters..

as the first performer..we were soo excited to give the best to the audience. n..we did..i think..;)

UTHM's dancers..

dancers with coach, make up artist, n our pegawai pengiring

boys at backstage

gurls at backstage

look..its me on the stage!! ;p its inang

starting for zapin..


joget lgi..;p

n..on sunday..a day after last event, which is 'tarian rampaian asli melayu' n 'nyanyian irama malaysia'..we had a blast day!! started with an ass-kicking senam seni which participated by all the was a live telecast by RTM 1 thru their morning was such a joy..located at dataran kangar, perlis, i could see a long trail of people wearing FESTKUM's yellow shirts. n then, lpas abes senam seni tu, ade sidang pengumuman pemenang yg mengumumkan senari pemenang bgi emas iringan..which means..anugerah utk busana terbaik, muzik, n such laa..yg btol2 pemenang utama they keep for that nite..

this was in the morning on the final day..



n..for at least..we managed to earn 1 gold medal for the best boria's costume..dan mencapai target UTHM utk dpt atleast 1 pingat emas..;) well done boria!! 

pingat berbentuk daun sireh (FESTKUM's official logo)

haaa..neyh la costume yg mnang emas tuh..;p
as the result, UKM won the gold medal for tarian rampaian asli melayu, silver for UUM, n bronze for USIM..they deserved it i think..n as i said..we never thought of the was only trying hard to give the best for the sake of our arts n cultures..really looking forward for next year's FESTKUM..which i heard will be held at the southern part's iptas plak!! ouuwwhh..ready guys!! 


  1. FESTKUM beshh! hehe. jumpak lagi di studio next sem abg aeman! :)

  2. tahniah untuk costume terbaik boria:)