Wednesday, December 15, 2010

exam..DONE!! it's FESTKUM time!!

heyy guys!! lame da x selak2 my e-diary neyh..;p kinda bz dgn dgn training tarian n bz ngan crappy things..;) but well..pleased to tell u guys..exam season's finally done!! was not that great..i can say it was quite well..;) n quite bad..;( i took 7 subjects for this semester n only sat for 6 final exam papers..some papers i bet i can nailed 'em..but some i cant help it with some tears n big sigh..urrmm..i dunno..surely i've done my part..n i'll just pray the best for the outcome..wish me lots of lux guys!! ;)


now..its time for me to keep focus for this upcoming FESTKUM '10 (Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia). It is actually a festive that combining those Malaysian's cultural performances including Malay's, Indian's, n Chinese's. For this year's FESTKUM, it will be held at 4 different venues which located at northern peninsular Malaysia, which are UUM, UniMaP, UiTM Arau, n USM. Within 5 days, 19 universities all over Malaysia will compete in 8 events, which are tarian rampaian asli melayu, tarian india klasik, tarian cina, nyanyian lagu irama malaysia, nyanyian lagu antarabangsa, boria, muzik akustik n dikir barat.

n i participate in tarian rampaian asli melayu, which a combination of 3 types of traditional malay dance. me together with other 9 members which include 5 girls and 5 boys will b performing the dance on this saturday..;) 18 local universities will b competing together with us..n know what..UTHM is the first performer for the competition!! ouuwwhh..great isnt it..?? ;p 

so, in order to perform as the best as we could, started from last friday, until last tuesday, kami berkampung di kolej kediaman perwira UTHM n kolej kediaman taman U UTHM utk sesi latihan. semua team bekerja gigih untuk mmberikan yg terbaek dan mengharumkan nama UTHM..even klau x menang pon..atleast..ktorg dpt bwat yg terbaek kaan..;) 

penempatan bdak laki kt PERWIRA..

muke2 confident peserta FESTKUM kontinjen UTHM

suasana dalam studio tari


meriah spjg lbeyh kurang 4 hari bersama2..n sgt penat. siang malam training, ade tu yg msok 2 tarian plak..lgi letih..tpi i msok rampaian asli melayu jer..but still..penat, tapak kaki melepuh n lutut a bit injured..tpi sume da okayh da..bese la kan..menari..;)

n by the time i update blog neyh..i'm actually already here in UUM, Sintok, Kedah. Baru tadi ade welcoming dinner n i met with few frenz yg i knal from other universities. such a joy!!

so readers..wish me n the team all d besh kayh!!! *nervous2*

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