Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sales until pale!!

heyy guyss!!

huhuhu..last monday i went out n met up with my frenz at sunway pyramid. we were having some fun stuff before my beloved bestie AMY going back to perak for his holidays..n we were having window shopping too..n u know what..sales were in each n every retail shops!! ouuwwhh..tempting sgt okayh..i mcm nk pengsan bler COTTON ON sales mcm kt uptown je harge die!! huhuhu..gler laaa..nseb baek i bwak kuar 50 je time tu..

plus..TOPMAN pon i nmpak mcm muraahh jer..huhuhu..mcm mmg sales laa..*ape yg i ckp neyh??* mmg percaye yg MYES mmg da lame mule..n i jer yg agak ketinggalan utk menikmati pesta shopping neyh..ngee..;p so..sesape yg berkepuk wallet tuh..lets spend it wildly ppl!!! hohooho..;p

FESTKUM 2010..kemuncak tari.

heyy guys!! ;)

it was a fine cloudy day when i faced my beloved glossy red lappy to update my dearly blog..;) it's neither in kedah..nor in parit raja..i'm now in my most trusted shelter..;p 

bru je blek from FESTKUM yg berlangsung @ UUM sintok, Kedah..n last few weeks was full with memories..sweet n bitter ones..but was a great n worthy experience laa..get to know up new frenz..n gain new experiences to add onto the old ones..

n berakhir la kemuncak segale2 nyer bgi penari2 ipta2 all over malaysia..including me n my teammates..from UTHM..seriously..for me, i think FESTKUM which held annually is kinda peak of everything..since it is held on december each can be said as the completion in the dancers' schedule for the entire year..;)

overall..seriously i am so glad for whatever we've already done..i n my 'rampaian asli' team laa..the performance is just enough for me..i'm proud of what we've been thru n what we've presented..including the flaws in the performance..eventho we're not winning the competition..but is not what we're chasing for..between 20 iptas..?? we just hoping to give the best as we could n that was it..winning is a bonus..n i can say..everyone on that nite was giving their best..seriously..non of the ipta gave a so so performance..EVERY teams..trying so hard to participate the best..n that's the spirit tht we nurturing our original culture n arts within people..especially in the youngsters..

as the first performer..we were soo excited to give the best to the audience. n..we did..i think..;)

UTHM's dancers..

dancers with coach, make up artist, n our pegawai pengiring

boys at backstage

gurls at backstage

look..its me on the stage!! ;p its inang

starting for zapin..


joget lgi..;p

n..on sunday..a day after last event, which is 'tarian rampaian asli melayu' n 'nyanyian irama malaysia'..we had a blast day!! started with an ass-kicking senam seni which participated by all the was a live telecast by RTM 1 thru their morning was such a joy..located at dataran kangar, perlis, i could see a long trail of people wearing FESTKUM's yellow shirts. n then, lpas abes senam seni tu, ade sidang pengumuman pemenang yg mengumumkan senari pemenang bgi emas iringan..which means..anugerah utk busana terbaik, muzik, n such laa..yg btol2 pemenang utama they keep for that nite..

this was in the morning on the final day..



n..for at least..we managed to earn 1 gold medal for the best boria's costume..dan mencapai target UTHM utk dpt atleast 1 pingat emas..;) well done boria!! 

pingat berbentuk daun sireh (FESTKUM's official logo)

haaa..neyh la costume yg mnang emas tuh..;p
as the result, UKM won the gold medal for tarian rampaian asli melayu, silver for UUM, n bronze for USIM..they deserved it i think..n as i said..we never thought of the was only trying hard to give the best for the sake of our arts n cultures..really looking forward for next year's FESTKUM..which i heard will be held at the southern part's iptas plak!! ouuwwhh..ready guys!! 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

exam..DONE!! it's FESTKUM time!!

heyy guys!! lame da x selak2 my e-diary neyh..;p kinda bz dgn dgn training tarian n bz ngan crappy things..;) but well..pleased to tell u guys..exam season's finally done!! was not that great..i can say it was quite well..;) n quite bad..;( i took 7 subjects for this semester n only sat for 6 final exam papers..some papers i bet i can nailed 'em..but some i cant help it with some tears n big sigh..urrmm..i dunno..surely i've done my part..n i'll just pray the best for the outcome..wish me lots of lux guys!! ;)


now..its time for me to keep focus for this upcoming FESTKUM '10 (Festival Kebudayaan Universiti-universiti Malaysia). It is actually a festive that combining those Malaysian's cultural performances including Malay's, Indian's, n Chinese's. For this year's FESTKUM, it will be held at 4 different venues which located at northern peninsular Malaysia, which are UUM, UniMaP, UiTM Arau, n USM. Within 5 days, 19 universities all over Malaysia will compete in 8 events, which are tarian rampaian asli melayu, tarian india klasik, tarian cina, nyanyian lagu irama malaysia, nyanyian lagu antarabangsa, boria, muzik akustik n dikir barat.

n i participate in tarian rampaian asli melayu, which a combination of 3 types of traditional malay dance. me together with other 9 members which include 5 girls and 5 boys will b performing the dance on this saturday..;) 18 local universities will b competing together with us..n know what..UTHM is the first performer for the competition!! ouuwwhh..great isnt it..?? ;p 

so, in order to perform as the best as we could, started from last friday, until last tuesday, kami berkampung di kolej kediaman perwira UTHM n kolej kediaman taman U UTHM utk sesi latihan. semua team bekerja gigih untuk mmberikan yg terbaek dan mengharumkan nama UTHM..even klau x menang pon..atleast..ktorg dpt bwat yg terbaek kaan..;) 

penempatan bdak laki kt PERWIRA..

muke2 confident peserta FESTKUM kontinjen UTHM

suasana dalam studio tari


meriah spjg lbeyh kurang 4 hari bersama2..n sgt penat. siang malam training, ade tu yg msok 2 tarian plak..lgi letih..tpi i msok rampaian asli melayu jer..but still..penat, tapak kaki melepuh n lutut a bit injured..tpi sume da okayh da..bese la kan..menari..;)

n by the time i update blog neyh..i'm actually already here in UUM, Sintok, Kedah. Baru tadi ade welcoming dinner n i met with few frenz yg i knal from other universities. such a joy!!

so readers..wish me n the team all d besh kayh!!! *nervous2*

Thursday, December 2, 2010

ANTM cycle winner EVER!!

my desire n love in the fashion industry will never fade..n there is Tyra Banks with her magnificent ANTM reality shows to keep me on the track..huhuhu..*ayat sgt poyo* but yaa..i admit it..watching ANTM brings an excitement n seriously teach me one n two about the, it is a must for me to watch 'em..for each n every cycle..

n..ouuuwwhh..atlast..the winner for the latest cycle 15 hve already known..with the fabulous prize of a contract with IMG model agency (most top models r working for the agency), a cover of beauty in VOGUE-ITALIAN VOGUE beauty mag, a spread in VOGUE mag n ITALIAN VOGUE mag n also be featured in a hundred thousand dollars contract with COVERGIRL..this is no joke okayh..;p

the America's Next Top Model is..


ann ward..cycle 15's winner

her first COVERGIRL printed comercial 

i knew it!! i knew it since her first photo shoot okayh..she's gorgeous isnt she..?? n as the matter of fact..she's actually 6'++ tall okayh!! n she's awkward too..but, yaa..imperfection brings high-fashion!! ;p

her height made her feels soo awkward n kinda shy

n..second after


of coz both r great..chelsey r best in her walks n one can doubt that..but..for me, she's got this common look of blonde american's girls n can really rocks in american fashion world but not really in haute couture..yet for ann..she hve this awkwardness in personality..with this rare face n body composition..n really gorgeous poses in front of the camera..5 best shoots in a row?? its a noooo waayy she wont make it to the high fashion..;p

shoot of fallen angel

snap shot from her video ad.

with the cassanova..;p

in Zac Posen fashion show

shoot with Patrick Demarchelier

final Just Cavalli by Roberto Cavalli

n in the last episode of the cycle 15..they both did a runway show for Roberto Cavalli!! ouuuwwhh..Just Cavalli is just great..;) 

first satisfying top model winner ever for me..i lurve ann from the starting..tyra, andre, nigel, jay..u guys did a really gewd job this time!! for me..this cycle is the best cycle ever..the high-fashion theme is really works!!

America's Next Top Model Cycle model elevated..


hey peeps!! i know..i has been a long time since my last post here..I KNOW..huhuhu..n now id love to write back..xtaw nape..tetibe je rase nk blogging blek..n kesian kt my blog neyh yg da bersawang gler!! terbatuk2 time bukak pintu tdi..damn dusty..huhuhuhu..*wink2*

so..its a fresh start post..n wont happen again..INSYAALLAH..i'll post as frequent as i can..xkeysah la ade org view my page n read my post or not kan..but i think..blogging is something more than's actually shows how u've been inspired every time u write..shows how determined u r to write, to have the willingness to spend times in front the lappy..n finally proved that everybody including u, can create something..anything..;)


have u ever been inspired before..? in any looking at reading a gazing at a tasting a walking trough watching a scene..or spending your money..?? i'm sure..u've been inspired right..? even if it's once..n for me, i've been inspired..many listening to the musics..not any musics..but it's MAHER ZAIN's music..

yupp..maybe MZ da agak ketinggalan..for someone yg follow music die beberape bulan yg lepas..but i baru je terdetik utk sit n listen to his musics n songs..n..truly..i'm the musics..the lyrics n even the melody..i dunno why..i am truly admire his works..

it was when i woke up at 4 in the morning..utk study..for my first final exam paper..when i suddenly listened to his songs "For the rest of my life" n "Insyaallah" my playlist n..i felt damn peace..n relax..then immediately i browse for the video clip of "Insyaallah" in You Tube..i watched several times..n i was inspired..of what is the usual word that we as the muslims hve always said.."Insyaallah"..the meaning n the content of the word..which can different situations..

i have to admit this..that i am not that flawless..pure..n an innocent kid..i did many things..good n bad things..i've done such wrongdoings..but yet..i know..that i'll be never too late to repent..n back to the path..never..i'm not sure's soo hard to find the light..but i know..the time will's when ALLAH allows u..then your time will come..INSYAALLAH..that is the exact thing that i've been inspired from the song..urrmm..;) 

n..another song is.."For the rest of my life"..this one..really gave me inspiration..of how sacred love true love really true that everything including love r all came from ALLAH..n whenever u've got matter in what form of what kind of love..we have to praise to ALLAH..because the feels n joy of love is irreplaceable..sometimes people..for certain person..the love that came is a wrong love..but yet, we still hve to praise to HIM..because..that feeling would never exist unless there's for a reason..then, we hve to know..that those kind of love is a test for us on this earth..a test..;)

i've watched this one reality tv show..MASTERCHEF US..season 1..its all about cooking..several amature home cooks..competing to become first America's Masterchef..;) out of all contestants..there is one lil' girl from southern mississippi US..aged 22 y/o n quit from college to pursue her dream in the competition..its WHITNEY MILLER..n for sure..ramai yg akan protes kowt bler die bwat mcm tu kaan..lgi 2 bln nk abes degree..then die quit..what i can was pretty bold action..even the judge..JOE BASTIANICH..ask her to finish her study first then only come for the next season..but..of coz..she refused to do so..yupp..she was doing very well..especially whenever they got a dessert task..she nailed it..until chef ramsay called her "Princess Pastry"..huhuhu..cute kan..? yupp..defintely..die pnyer dessert sgt la alluring n phenomenal..n u know what..? she was actually the first America's MASTERCHEF..yupp..she did it..she won..;) what caught my attention was her determination in pursuing her dream..n that inspired me..totally..she took a very risky path..n the determination was worth it..

see..?? that DETERMINATION that i lack with..;( urrrmm..there r soo much things i wanna do in my life..which definitely will always in contrast with my path family..n also my will power..has never become that high..urrmmm..but i hope..that one day..i will able to do most of the things tht i wished for..n WHITNEY MILLER hve totally inspired me..totally..its kinda help trigger me to do what i'm doing now as great as i that i can pursue my other dreams in the future..ouuuwwwhh..hopefully..;) we just have to b bold..determined..n a bit courage..;)

it's a very great feelings u know..whenever u've been inspired..i'll feel that life isn't always cruel towards me..that life isn't bored as what i thought before..that life is something that never enough to b discovered for, until its end..that life is something that we can create, enjoy..n taste with our sense..