Sunday, January 24, 2010

"zara n safwan-newly wed.."

olla..!! ;p

so, this is what happened..a veeery bz and exhausting new year..;p

my third sister, k.wa just married..on 01.01.2010..with her beloved one, named AHMAD SAFWAN..ngee..which now we have to call 'Abg Saf'..;p

yupp..after 3 years we didn't have any big kenduri, and now here it come, 'the most exhausting n chaos kenduri ever'...;p seriously, like previous was not as kecoh as this time..relax skeyt la..but this time, really kelam kabut..;p maybe sbb da lame xde kenduri kawen..n after this kene tggu lame skeyt bru nk ade kenduri kawen lgi..(which after this obviously it'll be mine..;p) then, die bgi yg btol2 penatss punyer..

so, as usual..all the relatives n families gathered at my house..mmg packed la i have a very big extended family..sume yg jauh2 stay at my house..and selama 2 hari tuh mmg 'hidup' la rmh kami tuh..bising dgn gelak tawa n jerit pekik from kitchen to living room..;p but it was fun, biar packed rmh..biar tonggang terbalik rmh..but, we love the situation..;p baru la kenduri name nyer..(lepas tuh siap laa..bersilat nk kemas rmh..;p)

bertemakan pink putih this time, the nikah nite pon dah agak bz..sbb dgn hujan nyer..tetibe plak lebat mlm tuh..*hujan rahmat*..but went smoothly until the end of the nite..*di mata pengantin..*..;p

the 'pelamin' abg mijan bridal..

the aunty Zuraidah n Mak Lang..

the bride!! by kak Sal from abg mijan's bridal..

see..pnoh rmh kaan..neyh bhgian dlm jer..yg luar x sggup nk tunjuk..;p

alolololo..;p seronok laa..dpt bracelet n necklace baruw!!;p

kami yg dah lencun dlm bju bru!!;p *seriously..sume pink okayh..*

then, on the 'd' day..mmg meriah..smpai lauk catering pon x cukop..!! fortunately,we've prepared some additional dishes which cooked by my mak uda..but then, pon x cukop..pity for those yg smpai da nk ptg la..dlm 4.30 mcm tuh..lauk was completely finished..tpi, alhamdulillah..lauk habis xpe..jgn berlebih..xde plak yg nk menghabiskan..;p

mama n abah yg sweet together dpan arch..;p

buffet part..

this lil' cheeky monster mmg xreti diam arituh..;p

the 3 divos...;p

the flower girlss..sedondon berbaju kebaya..;p

bride n groom's dining abg mijan's bridal

here comes the bride n her soulpartner!! *sgt pink*;p

si bulat!!! ;p

huhuh..test mic jer tuh..;p

this is yg sebelah lelaki punyer baju..@ keramat..

then..that's abg saf..WELCOME TO THE FAMILY okayh..;p hopefully the marriage will end happily ever after..;p

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