Monday, January 25, 2010

"nasi oh nasi..!!"

"nasi oh nasi..why u came to me..seriously..i dont want u..;p
nasi oh nasi..why i hate but i love u!!!??
nasi oh nasi..why do u seems tooo alluring for me..;p
nasi oh nasi..why i cant resist!!!??"

this evening i went to PKU (Pusat Kesihatan Universiti)'s a clinic for staff and was not me..i just accompanied my fren as she need some doctor's pon pgi laa..

as i walked into the clinic..i saw an electronic weighing scale..white in colour..;p then i suddenly realized tht it was quite sometimes i didn't measure my weight..ngee..but i x pegi timbang pon..then i picked my seat with my i sit..i saw another weighing scale..its a classic one..the one yg gne jarum tuh..

then i thought it wont harm me if i try once and just know my current body, while my fren wait for her name to be called..i pon took off my shoes..took out anything inside my pocket tht might affect my weight..n i step up on the scale..

"......................" i was stunted..."ouuuuuwhhh my...."

seriously i was surprise..damn it!!  i x caye ngan scale tuh..then immediately i tried another scale plak..the one yg electronic tuh..i dok diam btol2..n let the scale record my weight..then i looked's just the same..

fine..!! i know..i've put on some weight okayh!! huhuhu..damn it..i'm actually on my way to my previous body weight n body figure if i take my lunch tomorrow..;p great..i'm getting fatter!!! ouuwwwh noooo!!! ;p

alamak..camne neyh..mmg pon..lately, xtaw nape..but my appetite mmg out of my control..ade org bomoh i x..?;p ngee..seriously..i really dont want to be like me as previous 12 months!! i really need to work out blek..seriously..kene jln kan program diet yg mcm dulu balek neyh..

no more nasi..check!!
no more dinner..check!!
drink lot of plain water..check!!
determination..check!! kowt..;p

tu la problem nyer!!! i x as passionate as before..

c'mon AIMAN!! chaiyok2!! move ur fat ass!! ngee..;p *berkesan x mcm tuh..?*

huhuhu..okayh..i'll start all over again..starting from 2morrow!! ngee..tgk laa..this time the result will be more envied..;p

damn it..i want it back!! ;( this was like..6 months before..

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