Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"black n white.."


today got nothing interesting happened..but yg x interesting nyer..adelah..ktorg kene tahan dpn pak guard..sbb x mematuhi dress code berkabung..*menghormati kemangkatan almarhun Sultan Iskandar*..

      this morning we had class on 10 am..so, me n my fren (amy) went to the main campus by his motorcycle..just after we entered the main gate..suddenly the pak guard asked him to stopped at the corner..n started to ask us about the songkok with white lining tht we supposed to wear..;p i ngan amy mmg x pakai songkok la tht time..correction..bkn xnk pakai..tpi sbb mmg xde songkok utk dipakai..huhuhu..then ktrog pon menjalankan jarum ktorg n bgi alasan..naseb baek abg guard tuh bley kaw tim..ngee..;p yelaa..ade yg kene amek name n no matrix bagai..? apekaah..?? then die sroh ktorg pgi HEP office to get the white strip..tpi amek white strip tuh pon mmg ktorg xtaw nk ltak kt mane..so, i decided to wrap it around my left arm..

      msok class jer..everyone pertikaikan nape pkai camtu..dah..xde songkok i ckp..ltak la kt lengan..;p then, ade la plak mulot2 puake yg ckp the thing yg i bwat tuh mcm ikot non muslim punyer..ekkeeeh..perlu ke pertikai..dah i mmg xde songkok..nk bwat mcm mane..karang klau x tunjuk kan yg kte berkabung karang..kene thn kt pak guard plak..nyampah btol..hello..ISLAM PADA HATI DAN PERBUATAN..bkn PADA PEMAKAIAN SEMATA-MATA..okayh..? pleasseee..open skeyt the narrow minds tuh..*tetibe teremo*..;p x yah pasal mende kecik neyh nk smpai bwat org saket hati n bermusuh-musuh plak..kaaan..

kelakar jgk la, smpai pak guard thn satu bas n naek atas bas n cek sorg satu dlm bas..n ade plak kes pak guard kat satu kolej kediaman ktorg neyh xkasi mkn kt luar klau x pakai songkok with white lining tuh..;p i dunno laa..but..klau macam tuh, da jdi satu paksaan la plak..dari rasa sedih n sayu atas pemergian almarhum..dah jdi geram n marah plak..sbb kene thn2 neyh..;p

p/s: ucapan takziah kepada seluruh kerabat diraja JOHOR dan rakyat jelata atas pemergian almarhum Sultan Iskandar..

Monday, January 25, 2010

"nasi oh nasi..!!"

"nasi oh nasi..why u came to me..seriously..i dont want u..;p
nasi oh nasi..why i hate but i love u!!!??
nasi oh nasi..why do u seems tooo alluring for me..;p
nasi oh nasi..why i cant resist!!!??"

this evening i went to PKU (Pusat Kesihatan Universiti)..it's a clinic for staff and students..it was not me..i just accompanied my fren as she need some doctor's consultation..so..ktorg pon pgi laa..

as i walked into the clinic..i saw an electronic weighing scale..white in colour..;p then i suddenly realized tht it was quite sometimes i didn't measure my weight..ngee..but i x pegi timbang pon..then i picked my seat with my fren..as i sit..i saw another weighing scale..its a classic one..the one yg gne jarum tuh..

then i thought it wont harm me if i try once and just know my current body weight..so, while my fren wait for her name to be called..i pon took off my shoes..took out anything inside my pocket tht might affect my weight..n i step up on the scale..

"......................" i was stunted..."ouuuuuwhhh my...."

seriously i was surprise..damn it!!  i x caye ngan scale tuh..then immediately i tried another scale plak..the one yg electronic tuh..i dok diam btol2..n let the scale record my weight..then i looked down..it's just the same..

fine..!! i know..i've put on some weight okayh!! huhuhu..damn it..i'm actually on my way to my previous body weight n body figure if i take my lunch tomorrow..;p great..i'm getting fatter!!! ouuwwwh noooo!!! ;p

alamak..camne neyh..mmg pon..lately, xtaw nape..but my appetite mmg out of my control..ade org bomoh i x..?;p ngee..seriously..i really dont want to be like me as previous 12 months!! i really need to work out blek..seriously..kene jln kan program diet yg mcm dulu balek neyh..

no more nasi..check!!
no more dinner..check!!
drink lot of plain water..check!!
determination..check!! kowt..;p

tu la problem nyer!!! i x as passionate as before..

c'mon AIMAN!! chaiyok2!! move ur fat ass!! ngee..;p *berkesan x mcm tuh..?*

huhuhu..okayh..i'll start all over again..starting from 2morrow!! ngee..tgk laa..this time the result will be more envied..;p

damn it..i want it back!! ;( this was like..6 months before..

Sunday, January 24, 2010

"zara n safwan-newly wed.."

olla..!! ;p

so, this is what happened..a veeery bz and exhausting new year..;p

my third sister, k.wa just married..on 01.01.2010..with her beloved one, named AHMAD SAFWAN..ngee..which now we have to call 'Abg Saf'..;p

yupp..after 3 years we didn't have any big kenduri, and now here it come, 'the most exhausting n chaos kenduri ever'...;p seriously, like previous wedding..it was not as kecoh as this time..relax skeyt la..but this time, really kelam kabut..;p maybe sbb da lame xde kenduri kawen..n after this kene tggu lame skeyt bru nk ade kenduri kawen lgi..(which after this obviously it'll be mine..;p) then, die bgi yg btol2 penatss punyer..

so, as usual..all the relatives n families gathered at my house..mmg packed la kan..as i have a very big extended family..sume yg jauh2 stay at my house..and selama 2 hari tuh mmg 'hidup' la rmh kami tuh..bising dgn gelak tawa n jerit pekik from kitchen to living room..;p but it was fun, biar packed rmh..biar tonggang terbalik rmh..but, we love the situation..;p baru la kenduri name nyer..(lepas tuh siap laa..bersilat nk kemas rmh..;p)

bertemakan pink putih this time, the nikah nite pon dah agak bz..sbb dgn hujan nyer..tetibe plak lebat mlm tuh..*hujan rahmat*..but afterall..it went smoothly until the end of the nite..*di mata pengantin..*..;p

the 'pelamin'...by abg mijan bridal..

the dowries..by aunty Zuraidah n Mak Lang..

the bride!! by kak Sal from abg mijan's bridal..

see..pnoh rmh kaan..neyh bhgian dlm jer..yg luar x sggup nk tunjuk..;p

alolololo..;p seronok laa..dpt bracelet n necklace baruw!!;p

kami yg dah lencun dlm bju bru!!;p *seriously..sume pink okayh..*

then, on the 'd' day..mmg meriah..smpai lauk catering pon x cukop..!! fortunately,we've prepared some additional dishes which cooked by my mak uda..but then, pon x cukop..pity for those yg smpai da nk ptg la..dlm 4.30 mcm tuh..lauk was completely finished..tpi, alhamdulillah..lauk habis xpe..jgn berlebih..xde plak yg nk menghabiskan..;p

mama n abah yg sweet together dpan arch..;p

buffet part..

this lil' cheeky monster mmg xreti diam arituh..;p

the 3 divos...;p

the flower girlss..sedondon berbaju kebaya..;p

bride n groom's dining table..by abg mijan's bridal

here comes the bride n her soulpartner!! *sgt pink*;p

si bulat!!! ;p

huhuh..test mic jer tuh..;p

this is yg sebelah lelaki punyer baju..@ keramat..

then..that's it..to abg saf..WELCOME TO THE FAMILY okayh..;p hopefully the marriage will end happily ever after..;p

"my SWEETEST memory..ever.."

           The Langkawi International Airport that day seems to be quite busy. People of all races with various types of skin colour, walking here and there pushing their trolley stuffed with large and small baggage and colourful plastic bags. I bet most of them have shopped so much on this island, since Langkawi Island is well known as the free duty shopping zone. Heaven for shoppers..all around the world. Also a heaven for those who looking for a great place to spend their holidays, as Langkawi is blessed with great and fascinating beaches, with breath taking views and panoramas. For me, this is like my place, I have been here for almost a year. I study here, in MARA Junior Science College of Langkawi, therefore, I have already got the chance to go around the island and enjoy the specialties here.

            I rose from my seat and grabbed the trolley’s handle after I heard the announcement informing that the gate for my flight is already open. “Lissa, let’s go...urmm..can you please hold back your hair? Because they look messy babe, and really annoyed me,” Eddy, my best buddy, was mumbling about my new hair style before we move. “Huh..darling, can you just don’t bother about it at all? I love my style okay,” I tried to defend myself. He always like that, sometimes acting like my image consultant, and most of the times I followed his advices because he is actually really good in grooming thingy, but not today, I really admired my new hair cut. Eddy can just roll his eyes on me before we moved and passed through the green line. After sometimes of waiting, at last we managed to enter the plane and took our seat.

            “Why it is always every time only you get the chance to sit next to the window?” I confront. “Because I always faster than you..huhuhu..you should set the strategy before you get in here honey,” Eddy said. “Whatever..” I replied. “Don’t worry honey, maybe today is your lucky day and someone nice will be sitting next to you,” He said with a big grin. “Yeah right..and perhaps, I’ll be sitting next to my future soulmate,” We both then cracked into big laughs. We knew that I am not as easy as that to get into love. Eddy knows me so much, and so many guys in the school have tried to approach me to be their girlfriend, but none was succeed. Not to be too choosy, but none of them that really meet my criteria. I do not want to be hypocrite, and do not want to aim only for a short term relationship, therefore, I have to refuse them. For me, my real prince charming is not yet appears.

            As our laugh turned into silence, suddenly a guy about five foot ten tall, with fair skin, deep, shady eyes, and Korean-guy-hair style walked through the path and stopped at my row, he almost got all the looks of my dream guy. He smiled at me and then stuffed his hand luggage at the upper deck. He then took a seat right next to me. I turned to Eddy, and he automatically smiled at me, “You really get a jackpot..Lissa, he’s hot!” he said. “Oh, shut up..Eddy, I really don’t mind if you want to have my seat here,” I tried to deny Eddy’s statement. “Urrmm, do you have anything to eat, dear? I’m starving” I asked from Eddy. “Oh, babe, i don’t have any, no worries, you can buy the meal offered right after we take off later, okay?” Eddy simply suggested. “No, I can’t, I don’t have enough money Ed..I forgot to withdraw from ATM just now..damn it..great, now I’m starving like hell!” I whispered to Eddy while my hands started to shake because of hungry and Eddy was checking his wallet to look for any penny.

“Oh my goodness, Lissa..I also don’t have any money..be patient okay, it’ll only take one hour,” Eddy said. “Okay..I’ll try,” I said with low tone of voice and I then turned back straight to the front, watched the stewardess showed the common instructions during the emergency. Moments later, the plane took off, leaving The Langkawi International Airport, heading to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Meanwhile, my stomach was still aching, asking to be feed.

“Can I have two sets of nasi lemak combo please?” the guy sitting next to me asked the stewardess when they stopped the meal trolley on the path right after him. “Wow, that’s a lot..it would be great if I can ask one from him,” I whispered in sorrow. “And give those to this lovely miss and her friend please,” he said with smile. “What..?!!” I surprised and puzzled. “Yeah..please..have these, I know, you and your friend are hungry isn’t you? Don’t worry, it’s all on me,” again, he smiled. I woke Eddy up, who slept since we took off. “What..Lissa, I thought you don’t have enough money for these?” “No, it’s not me Ed..it’s..” “Hye, I’m Ash..” the guy introduced himself and we both shook hands, then Eddy thank the guy. “Oh, thanks buddy..for the meal. Actually, I’m not that hungry, but when I smell the nasi lemak, now only I fell starving,” Eddy tried to joke. “Ed..please..” I warned him. “Lissa..come on, you’re hungry aren’t you, just eat then..thanks again Ash,” Eddy again made me blushed. “My pleasure..” replied Ash. “Thank you..” I finally said. Eddy was right, I am starving, and the nasi lemak was really irresistible.

Ash for me is so nice, gentleman and good looking. There were politeness and sweetness in every word which came from his juicy pinkish lips. While I was enjoying my meal, we both get know each other. We talked and shared about ourselves. This is unusual for me, I mean; I have never been as that friendly with any strangers before this, especially with men. Meanwhile, Eddy was amazed with the great views of the clouds outside across the window together with his iPod.

“To all passengers, flight AK 6306 is already landed on the Kuala Lumpur International Airport with safe. You now can unfasten your seatbelt. Thank you for choosing our airline and we are looking forward to see you again next time. Goodbye!”

Right after the plane stopped, I and Eddy immediately went off from the plane, followed by Ash. After we collected our luggage, I and Eddy again thanking Ash for the lunch on the plane, and we shook hands for the last time. Then, we walked away leaving that charming guy behind, until, I heard someone yelled out my name, “Alissa..!!” I turned back and looked straight to Ash. Our eyes met, and then he said, “Can I get your phone number please?”

And that is my story of how I met my prince charming, Ash, which I claimed as the sweetest memory that ever happens in my life. It has been three years, our relationship going on, very well, and I really hope that this relation will ends happily ever after..

*                       *                       *

p/s: this is not based on my true story..only a piece of my creation..;p

"home sweet home"


arineyh sgt penatss okayh..;p seawal 3 ptg (awal ker..)  me n my best fren gerak to SQUARE ONE BATU PAHAT..teman my fren bli brg..planned nk tgk wayang skali..so..dgn confident nyer pgi la bli choco blog (a kind of ice blended yg sgt murah yet veeery delicious) utk minum dlm panggung..then..dah bli..grak naek escalator smpai tingkat atas skali which d cinema is located..tup tup..

"harap maaf..kami terpaksa menutup permis ini untuk menghormati kemangkatan Sultan Johor..kami akan mula beroperasi kembali pada 25 Januari 2010.."

ngee..;p tulaa..da taw sultan mangkat, ade hati nk tgk wayang bagai..sah2 la tutup utk berkabung..huhuh..muke sume frust gler..so, kami pon angkat kaki..tinggalkan square one heading back to college..

on the way balek..suddenly i got this idea to go around taman universiti (housing area near by our main campus) to browse for any empty houses to be let..since next semester we won't be staying at residential college anymore, so, me n my fren neyh pon jln2 cri rmh..

susah jgk ekk..ingat senang jer..xde pon rmh yg kosong..ade pon, xde no utk ktorg call..;( we did ask to the neighbours..tpi, dorg pon x pasti..smpai ke ptg jgk laa..usaha kami diteruskan..

then, we got an idea..huhu..

amacam..bernas x..ngee..hopefully, this strategy will hit our target..;p (strategy la sgt..;p)

p/s:eee...at the moment i type this entry..am definitely cant wait to move out..huh..stress okayh!! mcm dok dlm hutan!!! ;p

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"a fresh START..!!"


*sigh* (a very big one okayh..) at last, i've done making up my brand new blog at the moment i type this first entry..;p that was a very tough one okayh..at first place, i was thinking to just update my previous blog..but after having a really miserable things during the process..i decided to start all over again..so..this is it.!!!                      

my new 'the untold life of mine' blog..my very own..;p

this time i think wanna put some effort on this blog la..xnk malas2 lgi utk update blog neyh..;p nk regenerate the old hobby..blogging..ngee..yeah..frenz!! jom start balek..coz i know..most of my blogger frenz out there da mcm slow down on updating their own blog jgk..kaaann..;p

seriously..awkward la plak bler nk type first entry neyh..xde idea nk type ape..yelaa..da lame sgt kowt..x ngadap  blog..;p idea pon da berabok..

ouuwwh..lupe plak..x terlambat lagi kowt..for me to wish a "HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010" to all kan..;p hopefully this new year would bring greatness n goodness to all of us..my new year dimulakan dgn hari2 yg sgt bz n exhausting..what was happened..? ngee..;p i'll tell u guys in the next entry kayh..;p

technically, this is my blog and only..the previous one is no longer available..;p

*serious pening pikir ayat*

so..that's it laa..i'll stop here..n seriously will continue tomorrow..okayh..bubye~

happy new year!!!
happy new year!!!
happy new year!!!
happy new year!!!
happy new year!!!
happy new year!!!